Wedding DJ Marple Stockport

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I first received a phone call from Dan the Groom about his 1 year anniversary & because his wife was from Thailand they had not had a proper wedding reception so decided white dress, book the hall and lets do the wedding reception 12 months down the line. I was to be hired as their wedding DJ Marple Stockport.

Wedding DJ Marple Stockport

Dan was a great Guy, he found love abroad and it was time to show his bride off to his family, friends and the ones he was worried about his work mates. Duangguang or Far as her nickname was a beautiful Thai lady. I can see why Daniel fell in love and ended up married.

We were at the Marple Social and Forces Club just next to the canal.

Dan wanted a typical wedding, bringing all of his friends and family together for an awesome night. It was my job to create that.

A great evening starts with a great introduction.

Dan wanted some memories of the event, so we did our pearls of wisdom or living guestbook, we created the magic for the first dance, and we made sure all the guests were interacting with each other talking about the music they were going to get up and dance to.

Wedding DJ Marple Wedding DJ Marple Wedding DJ Marple Stockport dj party

Loved it, Dancing as Always

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