Buying and selling wedding items using online Facebook groups

Wedding Buy and Sell on Facebook

It’s hard to imagine a world without online shopping now but the industry continues to evolve. One of the newest developments is the ever growing amount of Facebook Groups selling sites.

In this post I will outline the main advantages to these pages and the few issues you must be aware of before you begin.

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Facebook Group Likes

Positives of buying and selling on Facebook Groups & sites

  • You can buy and sell items from wedding dresses to table centres. This gives both the seller and the buyer the opportunity to save money. The seller can make back some of the money spent on their big day and the buyer has the opportunity to get some much appreciated bargains. Don’t forget what you save on one item could give you the opportunity to spend more on something else that you can’t buy second hand such as the wedding cake or DJ.
  • Many businesses will use these Facebook groups and pages to advertise their services. This gives you the opportunity to see more than may come up first on an initial Google search. Many of the professional service providers will provide links to their website. If you are using a site that specifically states a locality you are more likely to find businesses that cover your area. Lots of business also write blogs (like my own) and provide interesting industry insights that will help you in the planning process.
  • Planning a wedding can be an ordeal. It has the potential to cause stress and tension between loved ones. Many brides to be find solace in an online community that are going through the same process and clearly understand. Just as importantly, these people are not your friends and family! I have seen many wonderful posts where someone has asked for advice and have been inundated with helpful practical and emotional support. I have also seen brides who have just got married posting pictures of their wedding and saying thank you to the group before they leave. Seeing them on the happiest day of their lives is a great reminder for all the other brides of what the planning process is for!

Facebook Groups Dislikes

To be aware of when buying and selling on Facebook Groups and sites

  • Obviously there are those rare individuals that will find any opportunity to make a quick buck and exploit trusting people. A Facebook Group buying and selling page can be a breeding ground for immoral behavior, if it is allowed to be. The key aspect here is the admin. They play a vital role in monitoring and maintaining a site that fosters good practice. You may see warnings about scams or untrustworthy individuals from other users. Take note of these.
  • Before you begin to buy and sell, in any particular group simply watch the page first. Use this time to monitor how the group members communicate with each other. If there are any issues the admin should keep them under control. If you regularly see full scale arguments and abuse then it’s a sign to steer clear. I have known on sites that appear to be abandoned by the admin and they therefore become a free for all for unscrupulous behavior.
  • Be honest – if you are selling, then make sure you are as clear as possible in the description of your items and answer any questions honestly. No matter how much you want or need to sell the item you will only attract negative attention if you in any way mislead people. Treat other people on the site as you would wish to be treated.
  • Trust your instincts; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember that weddings are expensive. Buying pre-loved wedding items isn’t for everyone but it can be an opportunity to save a lot of money. There are aspects of a wedding that you should avoid cutting corners on though. As a DJ I would of course advocate the importance of quality entertainment.

Entertainment is a key part of any wedding and yet can sometimes be one of the last things on a couples to do list. A quality entertainer can bring more than a playlist to your event. They bring atmosphere, which is something you certainly can’t buy without more research on a Facebook Group selling page.